Body by Jake Suspension I.M. Rings

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Here is a great review

What are the rings themselves made out of? Plastic, aluminum, steel? And how thick are they?

Can’t find max weight anywhere so I’m taking a chance! Hope this won’t come back to haunt me… I weigh about 250lbs and am quite tall. Similar doorway methods claim up to 300lbs, so here’s hoping!

I don’t have this system, but I once had TRX90 which is similar.

One very important consideration: you need a large amount of workout floor space near your anchor points. I once lived in a large house and I could not find a suitable location for suspension training. Once I moved into a apartment, it was impossible to find a workout space. So look at the pics and think about where you would workout.

Having said that, I offer that suspension training is a great workout.

Instead of a door, could these be hung from a squat rack to do dips?

I.R. Baboon!

I.M. Weasel!

I bought this when it was on sale for 35.

So far it seems pretty sturdy. You will need a bit of open space to use suspension rings. Also the actual bar that you put behind the door is really wide and actually would not fit behind almost every door in my apartment due to the end of the bar hitting a wall. That might just be because of my apartment though.

I will say in general about suspension rings is that right now most of the ‘tension’ comes from tupper body/shoulders even when im working out abs/chest/back. I am 90% sure this is due to bad form on my part and lack of experience with the equipment (I’ve only used it a handful of times over a week).

Just something to keep in mind.

I have the same question as a poster above, What are the rings made of and are they sturdy? Could you please speak on this.

Yes you can. you can use the carabiners to attach these to almost anything. Between the short one foot strap attached to the rings, the extension staps, and the straps attached to the door rod, there is a lot of room for creativity with these. I have them hanging from a power tower and do dips using them. Great for developing stabilization while doing dips.

They are very well made. have put several hundred pounds of pressure on them and haven’t seen any signs of them breaking. I don’t know for sure what they’re made of, but it feels like some kind of hard plastic or resin. If money wasn’t tight, I’d get a couple more sets honestly.

Thank you. I’m in for 1.

The Beginner video is more valid and helpful. It shows the simple, yet effective moves for the Hang One (body) Beginner. Even those hunked up men in the Jake video couldn’t do the moves very smoothly. I can almost hear Jake himself in the background saying, “Hey guys, make it smooth! Make it easy!” Which it definitely won’t be folks.

Bought these from the last woot. Probably buy a set for my brother today. If anyone is interested, wrote a mini review here.

They have TRX and Jungle Gym XT at my Gym, so there is a little comparison in there.

Dang! Missed it while I was re-setting my password.

Bummer! Hopefully they’ll pop up again sometime.

never mind.