Body Champ Collection



These bikes look fantastic - hey there’s even one for the gamers. What’s your workout routine?


I’ve been thinking about a stationary bike for some time, my wrists took a beating from my mountain bike.
I have Perfect Pushup (woot!) a pull up bar (woot!) a curling bar with free weights and a couple dumb bells. I recently got a Weider total bodyworks, similar to Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkly’s gadget. I use them all 3-4 times a week not to get huge but to stay fit and I will admit I don’t get enough cardio in my routine but I’m working on it.


Those are some expensive clothes hangers.


that guy is def not using the body champ


Does it come with glasses?


He’s working out so hard that he is blurring the world around him! Also, duplicated himself.


This product needs a complete repackaging. In the video, it needs to be made clear that you can add weights and show how it’s done, and there needs to be some indication of how the muscles are being worked. As it stands, it just looks like you could do stomach crunches without a machine and get the same effect. Which just might be true.


I’m tempted by the ‘folding’ bike, but I can’t find photos/video of how compact it gets, either here or anywhere. I want to buy it, but only if it’s compact enough :expressionless:


Found this on Amazon:

Foldable for space-saving cardio workouts (Folds to: 17.5"x17.5"x 51.2")

Hope that helps!