Body Flex 3D Abs Workout Machine & Video





This looks too flimsy to support the weight of a grown man. Unfortunately, there is no stated weight limit so grown men, buy at your own risk!


And at 220 I need this–but I probably would break it :frowning:


Does this work with passive or active glasses? No HDMI = No sale.



well I bought it anyway


In additon, all that movement – in 3D, no less! – will weaken the flimsy legs even more. Perhaps even more alarming, the description states that you can add weights! Based on its appearance, I wouldn’t place anyone over 150lbs on this thing, much less add weights.


Amazon says 250# weight limit:


I smell a lawsuit in the works. Woot, beware! :slight_smile:


That’s surprising since there seems to be nothing reinforncing or supporting the legs. They just slant out. I dunno…


Does this comes with a VHS or DVD? For some reason I think it’s a VHS.


I picked one up. I need to start doing some “core” workouts. Better than trying to do crunches on the floor.


I bought this a few months ago and still haven’t taken it out of the box. I do think I have something propped on the box so it isn’t going to total waste.