Body Flex BF718 Pro Cycle Trainer

Only $20 more at Amazon and 0 reviews.

No other reviews or listings anywhere else online.

The above Amazon listing is +$60 shipping. Check this listing:
It’s the same bike with a slightly different brake style. Seems like a good value.

This one on amazon looks fairly similar - different model number and flywheel weight, but otherwise has almost the same description: Good reviews for that one.

Edit: And clownstrike beat me to it.

Bought this from Woot 1-2 months ago. Works fine, but very bad quality. The wheel is warped, so you don’t get consistent friction resistance. Also, the chain is slack on the sprocket so it clangs around a lot. The welding is the most horrendous I’ve ever seen. With that being said, it is still going and I ride it 2-3 times per week so for a cheap spinning bike it works for me.

And that guy looks really happy to be riding the Body Flex BF718 Pro Cycle Trainer.