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Body Champ BRM2170 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer
The discount is 10%? hmmmz - does not sound impressive.

Looking at the design, I question the ‘dual’ functionality. For cycling it does not seem to follow the same leg, feet movement&positioning of a regular cycling trainer. Now, is this a bad thing? no idea… but it certainly will not feel the same compared to a regular ‘cycling’ trainer.

Body Champ Power Tower - PT600

Am I missing something, or is this same item sold at Academy sports for $80 - ??

Note the flywheel is a “steel shell”. Not sure what is inside. Besides a 20lbs fly wheel does not have enough rotating mass to generate a balance feeling when pedaling at anything but 40-50 rpm. If you subscribe to the lance armstrong school of pedaling, this is over half of the ideal cadence to get a decent cardio work out. I guess this machine will work if you sit behid it on the ground and use your arms to turn the flywheel.

Anyone got anything to say about the elliptical? I can’t find any reviews online. I’m not worried about what appears to be a small stride length (I’m only 5’2), but the construction doesn’t look that sturdy.

Anyone have experience with the inversion table? I missed the other one that was offered a few days ago…

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It is a different color but seems like the exact same design and specs.

Body Champ BRM2170 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer

I have this, well, I have the Model# BRM3671, which is very similar. I have had it since March 2012, I actually really like it. I bought it on sale at Sears for about $200.00.

I am 5’7", my SO is 6’2". He said this was not quite long enough for him, he could not get full leg extension both sitting and standing. This is really a better elliptical than a bike, but the great part is if you get tired of standing you can just sit down and keep going.

Also sitting and holding the heart monitor handles on this guy is just about as awkward as the picture makes it look.

My old review:
Packaging: cheap packing materials, but everything arrived in one piece, nothing broken

Assembly: had this together and running in under an hour. It comes will all the tools you need, no need to break out a tool box for this guy.

Movement: very smooth, sways left to right a bit when using the elliptical part. The cross support bar should really be longer.

Noise: very quiet, the handles get creaky after a bit but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little WD40.

Computer: Easy to understand and use. Heart monitor and resistance adjustment both work perfect. Hard to read from both sitting and standing, would be better with a backlight.

Over all, I love this machine. I was really wavering between a bike and an elliptical and this really bridges the gap perfectly. My only complain is when you really get going on the elliptical part it will sway left to right as you move. This may be because I have it set up on carpet instead of a hard floor.

I am not an athlete by any means, this suits my need for having a piece of equipment that I can jump on and get a quick workout. I don’t this it would hold up as well if you did any type of hard training on it.

Body Champ BR1680 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Arrived: 1/21 around 12pm ET

Outside state: several puncture holes in cardboard, still strapped together, did not looked overly damaged

Inside contents: base units plastic casing broken in box (several cracks, quarter sized hole and screw broken off)

Assessment: Seemed to be beaten up a bit in shipment (Fedex Ground from City of Industry, CA to Pittsbugh, PA)

I contacted Woot Support via email, but I’m not exactly positive I’ll even get a response. I’m not sure what Woot’s policy is for damaged items. I filed a claim on Fedex’s website and sent them all the documentation they required, but it will take probably a week to even get someone out here to assess and pick up the unit.

My wife is very disappointed as am I. This is the first time I’ve bought something from Woot that arrived damaged (I’ve been buying from Woot since 2007).

Sorry to hear about this.
I’ve forwarded your post along to our CS folks, so they’ll be hearing about your issue from this end as well.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and apologies again.

Body Flex 3D Abs Workout Machine & Video

Got this about two days ago, didn’t have time to open the box and put it together until today.

Woot, next time you have something that includes “video” please clarify the format of the video. While I understand the main purpose is for the exercise equipment, I haven’t touched a VHS tape in years. A bit of a rip off in my opinion, though would have liked to know that this was VHS video and not DVD.

Thank you, and please consider this for the future.