Body Glove EarGlove BlueVoice Bluetooth Headset 2-pack


[imgleft][/imgleft] Body Glove EarGlove BlueVoice Bluetooth Headset 2-pack - Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Item qty: 2000, Last Order: 4:47 AM CST, Wooter to blame: JIMH1960
Order Pace: 0m 8.658s, Woot Wage: $10,425.88/hour.


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I have one, those work so-so. They are too quiet in loud areas. Jabra is far better. Good price though.

Bad reviews on


good woot, good price, but don’t have a need for them


Finally a woot to consider.


I’d really like to get some stuff that is NEW and CHEAP, not NEW and EXPENSIVE (TVs, projectors) or REFURBISHED & CHEAP (keyboards, this earpiece thing)

Come On WooT!!


Wow nice woot!!! Need to find a taker for the 2nd one and I’m in!!!


lmao “and probably don’t cause brain cancer.” too bad i dont have a blue tooth phone to use these with, oh well. also they are going for $129.99 on best buy. and thats just for one!


Hmmmm…still cant decide if I want to look like a geek or not.


I am confused: wtf is this?


Not only Body Glove but a refurb? NAH THANKs


this seems like a really gross product to get refurbished…


Recertified? As in this has been in someone’s ear before? No thanks.


I am getting this…just don’t need the second one…blast!


Recertified, ILL take it


Recertified ear wax free!


great woot, always needed that extra hand space to strangle ninjas and such :slight_smile:


I just bought a motorola bluetooth headset for a gift. I could have used this deal a week ago.


Ugly as sin, but two headsets for that price? Great woot.

Too bad I don’t have bluetooth.


Liike my friend Sagar Bhadra once said…a bluetooth is neither blue nor a tooth…
but this…is a pretty good deal…
but why 2…?