Body Glove Stand Up Paddleboards

I don’t understand the concept here. Couldn’t you buy a canoe or kayak, where you get to sit down, for about the same money? I’m sure it would take 5 minutes or less for me to lose balance and fall in the water with one of these.

People choose these stand up boards for the workout + getting around. Balancing in general is a great core workout.

the yellow speedier version is selling for $650 on amazon.
I know people that have owned both a hard-board version and an inflatable, and all agree teh inflatable is the way to go. The hard versions are such a pain unless you live on a waterfront location and only have to drag it a short distance to the water.

Does this come with the paddle, pump and backpack that it normally comes with? Those things aren’t listed and definitely make a difference as they’re pricey individually.

From the features:

Includes: (1) three-piece travel paddle, (1) leash, (1) pump, (1) comfortable storage (1) backpack, (1) repair kit and (1) cell phone dry bag.