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RE: Ultra Sage Pro Plus Therapy Massager

Woot #1: There’s a problem with your specs for this (and for the TENS unit): no mention of power sources. CR2032s? AAs? USB? AC/DC? Without decent power, these units are nearly useless.

Woot #2: Have there been problems resulting in returns/refunds? The only review on Amazon seems like a commissioned review, so isn’t helpful.

Finally, the MSRP of $200 isn’t realistic if none have been sold at that price. Most net quotes are from $50 down to the current $30.

Which items are you interested in knowing the power source?

For your other questions:

No known problems that have caused returns. Our return policy is linked in my signature.

We don’t link to reviews but Wooters are good at finding them.

MSRP is set by the manufacturer. We don’t set those. It’s not the most common sale price, it’s what the manufacturer thinks it’s worth.

Hope that helps

I too would like to know. It is important. Why not be practical and state the power source for each unit?

Elite Callus Remover: Same exact price from two different sellers on Amazon.

Air O Sage Back and Shoulder: $10 less on Amazon

Ear Wax Vac Cordless Earwax Remover: Crap. Doesn’t work. Don’t bother.

Air O Sage Leg Massager: $0.31 cheaper on Amazon.

Arched Back Stretcher: over $6 cheaper on Amazon

What’s up, Woot? Where are the deals?

The woo is strong on this page… things like that silly electric waist belt are today’s ‘vibrating belt machines.’ Lots of claims, little evidence, and the sad physical reality that fat doesn’t go away by just strapping something to you and letting it do the work.

Oh man, go ahead and disabuse me of my thoughts of strapping that ab belt on, flipping it to turbo mode and in just 5 minutes having an 8 pack and going down 4 pant sizes. Thanks.

That’s not the same item that is on Woot! right now. The same one on Amazon is the same price as it is here. The cheaper ones are a different brand with a similar design.

Unfortunately there are no reviews on Amazon of the model that is on Woot! right now.
shows DC power, and USB connection in the photos.