BOGO link ?

So, is the BOGO shirt deal not a thing? The graphic doesn’t link anywhere for “Learn More”.

“me too”

I think maybe it’s automatic in the cart? I guess I will check.

Yes, I am logged in and the cart automatically made one of them free.

yes it does come up to the correct price in cart. also, looks like they finally fixed the link.

edit: maybe not. internet glitchy here…

Still not working for me, even signed in, in cart

Try logging out of Woot and logging in using the Login with Amazon button.

Add two or more shirts to your cart.

Did that, have 4 shirts in cart, still has the total of $60

You have to go to the next screen where you pay. You can still back out at that point.

placed my BOGO order Sunday, shirts arrived today. that’s some dandy service :slight_smile:

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