Boil our Clams

Boil our Clams

Snagged one!

Eww, boiled clams :face_vomiting:

I’m just here for the clamstravaganza!

Scored one! I love a great clambake!!!

My first BOC in YEARS!!!

Stuck in vestibule of patience! UGH I haven’t gotten a BOC in months :’(

Well, now that was easier than expected. I even had to login and still got it.

That was a close one!!! Had to log back in after hitting buy. But, luckily… or unluckily, I ended up with a fresh boiled clam bag.

I been waiting for a Bo c like you to come in to my life

In for one! Thanks WOOT!

Sorry to read that. :wink:

Got one!!!

Did spend a few scary seconds in the VOP, but now bring on the disappointment!

Had to sign in again and the stupid captcha foiled me :frowning:

4th straight VoP. But this time I made it through. Score one for this guy!

You in a few days.



Got one!

Not once did I have to go through the VoP, even when there was 10% left.

Of course, I’m not eligible, but still.

I got one too… what will I be like?!

First sucker! Oh yeah!

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