Bok Bok Party Wok

This shirt is kinda effed up…

They like eating so much – they must be teenagers.

We’ll cook em some chicks. Chicks love chicks.

Oh wait…

The strung lanterns reminds me of visiting the trailer park going camping. If you invite the entire neighbourhood of chickens, would it be a “Bok Party”

Is there a joke I’m missing? I don’t understand. :frowning:

I think it’s more like pop corn chicken

Ok… this is like a serious WTF. Not really offended because it is the circle of life and all, but I just don’t the reference.

Oh gawd, I love it Woot. That write up! SO PERFECT!

The reference is to the book “The Wolf’s Chicken Stew”

The string of the lantern lights look like a built in necklace on the shirt. :slight_smile: Haha

I love the different chicky faces.

I always like the way Fablefire’s designs make me do a double take.

You pretty much go, “Awwww. Isn’t that so cuu-OH MY GAWSH! WHAT ON EARTH GOING ON THERE?!”

Since woot! made the very wise choice to bring back AA blanks, I’ve been chomping at the bit to buy, buy, buy & show my support for the return of AA blanks. But alas, there were no designs that cried out to be in my closet…until tonight!
Color me happy & take my money, woot!
Thanks for the diabolically cute design, fablefire.

mmm…chicken dumplings (there is no “and”)

Isn’t this a blatant copy of Li’l Dumpling Fox? Unless “fablefire” is Samantha Whitten?

Those chicks look suspiciously like baby Angry Birds. Is this a hint of a sequel??

Finally someone makes a meaner shirt than Too Many Cooks, thanks for taking the heat off me, fable’! :wink:


Could we please have a shirt worth buying and not this creepy drek?