Boker Knives

The picture shows carbon fiber, the features says carbon fiber… and the specs page says G10. Might want to fix this. :slight_smile:

What exactly makes this “anti-gravity”?

The blade is ceramic and the handle is carbon fiber. I imagine they call it anti gravity because of how light it is. I think im not 100% on that.

I own one myself, going in for a second. Being ceramic, the tip is super easy to snap if you handle it wrong…or drop it. It hasn’t really impacted the knife’s ability to be used, it just looks kind of derpy. Boker will sharpen it back to a point if you send it to them, but I figure I’ll just snap that one off too. The carbon fiber has held up well to a year and a half of abuse, without any fraying or splintering.

I had one of the Anti-Grav knives in the past. It floated away and I’ve felt like there was a hole in my soul ever since.


I just received the anti gravity knife, the rambler, and the bulldog yesterday. The antigrav is nice. The bulldog is nice, good size and feel, but the box was unsealed and the scabbard scuffed up from prior use, so basically they didn’t send new-in-box product. The rambler would be a fun little knife, but it, too, was an open box item and the blue handle was faded and a bit milky white, like it had been left in the sun a long time. So those are going back to woot (after a half dozen emails).

YMMV, but these do not appear to be consistently new items.

I received the Boker Anti-Grav knife from Woot yesterday. The box had obviously been opened already, the remnants of the seal were left. There are also some tiny scratches on the blade. Otherwise, it’s a really nice lightweight knife that you can EDC without noticing it’s there.