Boker Knives

Ok so the ‘BOKER PLUS 02BO191 BP KRESSLER SUBHILT FIGHTER II’ looks like a really great knife… but what makes it so expensive??

It’s marketed as more of a collectors item rather than a rough and tumble use knife. They’re individually numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity in the collectors box.

Seems like a decent deal to me. $199.99 at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Seriously tempted… BUT… At the bottom of the SMKW listing I spied my three least favorite words in the world of knives: Made in China. Nevermind.


Ahhh ok that makes sense. Thank you kind sir

Why show a throwing knife and then not sell a throwing knife?

They are sold out. They were selling a 3 pack of throwing knives.