Boker Knives

Where were these knives made?

Please, no one just jump in and say Germany without really knowing it. Boker makes a lot of knives and there are NOT Tree Brand

After a bit of research I have found that all these knives are made in China NOT Solingen. Don’t let the brand fool you!

Checked with the buyer and he did confirm these are made in China.

The 8 inch ceramic blade is really a 2 inch SS blade…

either the features or specs in this knife are wrong. pretty sure its the features…

Boker Knives 01BO037 Boker Plus Cera-Tac Knife

Woot Lost a sale. It cannot ship knives to NY state after shipping several knives (with longer blades) this year to me. Clarify why please…

We’ll your state did just pass a slew of oppressive laws… But HEY! You’re safe now!

Man i really want the Albatros knife.

Found a good video pertaining to the Albatros:


Would the Albatross work well as a skinner? I’m looking for a present for some outdoorsy friends of mine and they had mentioned short-bladed knives suitable for skinning. Would this work or would it be better to get an actual folding skinner?

The albatross is not a skinning knife. It would be a poor choice for one.

VG-10 blade, Titanium frame lock design, and Boker. Win-win-win.

Made in china. loss.

If you want a skinning knife, a Havalon ( is a pretty good choice.

Thanks for the tip! That is actually kind of an interesting design.

Second that. They are scary sharp. You can find the “edge” version on ebay for around $30.

Irrelevant of the “Made in China” pearl-clutching (I wish you luck finding a comparable knife for $44 made anywhere else) the Albatross is a really mixed bag. The blade is beautiful, the scales are beefy, it weighs a ton and feels good in your hand…and it’s incredibly hard and slow to open and close even after a long breaking-in period and liberal graphite. The thumb stud is a pyramid of right angles so it’s not a comfortable place to apply pressure; the liner lock requires two hands and some force to disengage. It’s not a bad work knife and it’ll last forever despite the Chinese (horrors!) construction but there’s a reason something with raw materials of this quality wound up on Woot.

Does this knife come with a sheath or not?

It says sheath with ball chain, but then it says ‘not included’.


It comes with a Tek-Lok compatible Kydex sheath with ball chain. The Tek-Lok itself is what is NOT included.