Boker Plus Subcom F Knife

Love this knife. Perfect for EDC. Fits perfectly in my jeans watch pocket. Pocket clip was almost too good. Took a couple of weeks to relax the tension on the clip. Quality build. Much better than the Made-in-China U.S. branded knifes I’ve been trying out. My city limits pocket carry blade length to 2.5 inches so 1 7/8 inches is great. My first Boker knife. Impressed. Buy it…especially for $19.99.

The weight and size is ideal for me. The blade operation is very tight and the lock in the finger cut out keeps the blade from moving at all. Releasing the blade lock while closing the blade does take getting used to. The plastic handle cover is on the front only and where pressure is applied on the edge during use it flexes giving the feeling the the handle is coming apart. Quite unnerving and a bit of a cheap feel at that moment. Cleaning under the fairly flexable handle cover is not easy.

Wow… I will get one for my dad.

Is this too bulky for a keychain?

I think so. A little too large & there is no hanger ring. Better suited as a money clip.