Bolle Gravity Goggles, 7 Colors

What is the color of the lenses?

You select the color of the lenses in the drop-down under the price. Additionally, the pictures are labeled with the color names.

okay… on the grey and orange waves goggles what is the color of the lens? On the mother ship it has a grey and orange waves with an Aurora color lens. The Bolle website shows a grey color lens however it calls the style grey and orange with lens options. What is the lens color on the Lindsay signature goggles? I would like one that is meant for cloudy conditions if it is offered in one of these styles. Needless to say an aurora lens would work for that. thanks

Confirmed, that one is a grey lens. The Lindsay Jacobellis has a Vermillion lense. None of the Gravity goggles have an Aurora lense. Some of the Virtuose goggles had an Aurora lense but those have sold out.

Will the goggles fit comfortably over glasses?

I googled

Bolle Gravity Goggles over glasses

and found a few hits. Probably best that you do the rest of the research since not all glasses are the same.

I don’t comment much, but bought these last week and just received. If you need goggles, buy. They are too nice for the price.

I ordered the Lindsey Jacobellis Signature color and what I received looks NOTHING like the picture on this website. The picture on here shows orange and turquoise highlights with a black rim around the goggles. I love turquoise so I ordered them. The actual product has pink highlights and the rim around the goggles is not black.
I am extremely disappointed.

I’m sorry about the problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I ordered the blue and grey because it looked like the lens had some color. Maybe vermillion or another neutral color for partly cloudy conditions that may be acceptable in any condition. I was very happy that the lens was a modulator vermillion blue that changes from light to dark depending on light. Very nice. These run much higher on every website than a single color lens. These would have sold out fast if that fact was posted in the description. Great price for a quality goggle.

I filled out the support form on 12/15 and haven’t received any response. I don’t want to return the goggles, I would like to exchange them for another color, such as the orange and turquoise color that was displayed for the Lindsey Jacobellis Signature. The Lindsey Jacobellis Signature color is actually pink.

Hi there. I’ll send a note to CS to look for your email but we will not be able to do an exchange. We’re not set up for that.

Also, check spam/junk for a reply. We end up there a lot.

PS: CS answered you on 12/15 and is awaiting your response.