Bolle Helmets and Goggles

My cousin rocked the Aurora gogs last season. I’m not sure their price in other places, but they are super nice for this price. Spherical lenses, good range of light conditions, great protection, super great helmet interface too!

Only the Auroras say helmet compatible under the features, does that mean the other ones wont fit with a helmet?

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what color lens are the aurora?

it looks like those orange ones with a light mirror reflection. If that is the case, does people looking at it mainly see the reflection or my eyes?

The aurora looks like the model costco was selling for 45 bucks last season. Used them on a ski trip in colorado last year. Great goggles. Visibility was never an issue, never fogged up once, and worked great with my rental helmet.

Does the extra storm lens on the vermilllion gun + lemon lens model also work on just the vermillion gun model?

Are they identical except for the extra lens or are they different models entirely?

I just ordered the Auroras. Can I wear my glasses underneath them? If not, I might need to cancel.

if it is glasses compatible, it would specifically say it, since glasses compatible goggles have a flatter lens and special cutouts for the arm of the sunglasses to fit through.

Hmmm. Okay, thanks. I guess maybe I’ll keep the order, and if they don’t work with my glasses, my g/f can use them while wearing contacts.

I have Auroras. Glasses wouldn’t fit underneath.

I would say that they are more on a orange/pink side when you look through them. All pictures of me in Auroras show reflection. However, people can see my eyes from some angles and even better indoors (no bright light or snow to reflect).

thanks, i bought a few different low light/high contrast goggles earlier this year with a so called mirrored finish, but when I tried it at home, I pretty much see right thru them. I guess it is the lighting condition. I will know once I take it out.

Just generally speaking about ski/board helmets -

Anyone on the fence about whether or not to wear a helmet when skiing/boarding, I highly suggest taking the plunge and trying one.

I held off for a long time, but now that I have one I can’t imagine not wearing it. I had a misconception that they were bulky and heavy like motorcycle helmets - but they are not.

They’re pretty lightweight, comfortable (assuming you buy the correct size), and keep my head the perfect temperature. Plus they keep the goggles in a good position, and you can’t accidentally lose them off the chair lift since they’re snapped in place on the back!

Even setting safety aside, I find helmets to be better than just wearing a hat.

They are all helmet compatible. Good catch. Change made.

It’s sort of a blue/purple/orange with a slight mirror reflection. They’ll mainly see your eyes, yes.

The size is the same, but the security “notches” on the lenses are different. Meaning, where the lense “locks” into the frame differs. I wouldn’t modify a lense, either, if I was you.

I would agree totally, I didn’t wear a helmet until some beginner skier took me out and I caught a steel edge across the back of my noggin. A helmet is way cheaper than a new head and a good one is pretty comfy and warm as you noted.

Can anyone actually find a model name for these? I can’t find any information based on the model number or reviews anywhere!

that wuz me to, no matter how many stickers i put on my board, how long and baggy my pants were or if I wore it down at my knees or how much reefer scented spray I put on, the big nogging balding head always gives my age awawy. With a full head helmet and the biggest baddest goggles that almost covers the whole face, they will also think I am 13 (the beer belly hidden by the 5x oversized jacket) and now I can front with the Betties.