Bolle Helmets and Goggles

+1 for the mannequin head!

It makes these goggles/helmet look 200% more fun! Or maybe special is the right word.

The helmet sizing…is it measured the way I expect it to–around your forehead, over your ears to the widest part of the back of your head?

Bcs I am ringing up a 58cm with my tape measure, which appears to make me XL…I’ve never been XL with anything. Is that on target?

I took a look at the specs we have listed, as well as Bolle’s Helmet technology. You might be able to make a little bit more of an educated decision between L and XL with Bolle’s info. If I were personally in your shoes, I’d go with the L 56-58cm.

Do any of these goggles fit over glasses?

I’d recommend taking a look at the Bolle website, there might be more info there. Judging by the photos on the product page, I don’t think I’d be able to wear my glasses with these goggles.

Can anyone tell me if these goggles will fit a woman’s face? I probably wear a size small/medium ski helmet. Thanks in advance!

I figured out why…the labeling is intended for their women’s line…not that women’s heads are distinct from mens. K, thx.

Bolle 20873 Spherical Aurora Goggles - Black

Any idea what model these are? I’ve been scouring the interwebs and can’t find anything similar to these. Model number isn’t anywhere either. I’d like to get some sort of info about the size of these before I jump.

Talked to the buyer, he says we got a great deal on these because they were a model made specifically for a vendor who ended up backing out of the sale. He took a look at them and though he’s not able to get exact measurements, assures that they’re within the range of normal ski-google size and that the strap itself is adjustable enough, you should feel comfortable purchasing unless you are pretty far above or below “average” and normally require an in-person fit.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but let me know if you have any other questions- I’d be happy to pass them along!

Sweet merciful Rao, it’s…it’s…the thing, the beast, MANDY!

To me, those look darn near exactly like some gogs that my little cousin got at Costco last season. In fact, the last time they were for sale on Woot (what, a month ago maybe?) I wrote a quick review in the comments based on those gogs. Makes sense why they’d be uber cheap that way.

/not saying these are the Costco ones… just saying they may be in the same “box store line” as the Costco ones.