Bolle Virtuose Goggles, 6 Colors

So the black + vermillion ones mean it comes with two lenses?

^^^Same question

The color choices are confusing and I hate how woot never labels their pictures. Want to buy one but don’t know what the colors look like. Going to see if I can find it on another site.

No, their naming is quite weird. The black is the mask/goggle. Vermilion is the lens. One lens.

We actually did label the images for this but the captions don’t show up in the mobile apps.

Guess whats on the to-do list for development.

I just got 3 I hope they are worth it!

Amazing price for excellent, all around goggles. They are large and may not fit with all helmets. Additional lenses will cost more than the goggles. I’m in.

Please, please, please, please bring these back!!!

But seriously, all I want for Christmas is this deal!

Sorry. We really did sell through these quick and we had a good number of them. Good for us but…