Bolsa de Basura

Bolsa de Basura
Price: $3
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Apr 23 to Thursday, Apr 24) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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Not nice.

I got one finally!!!

Hell yeah! Thank you woot! That was a tricky bag to get for some reason.

Boo had to sign in and then do the ante-chamber. I had a feeling today too… but wasn’t at my computer and my phone kept bombing out.

Couldn’t get past the ante-chamber. I lost. bleh.

Am I doing it wrong? can’t get past antechamber. Moved out of antechamber after sold out? lame.

I made it to some ‘waiting room’ but apparently not fast enough. :frowning: I’ll never get one of these.

The one time I’m not already logged in… Got it in my cart and everything…

¡Ay, caramba!


%$#@#%#$^$%^#@$%&^#W$%#$%#$% waiting room.

YES!!! I finally got one!!!

Wow, it’s my lucky day. Just happened to plop down in front of the computer at just the right moment!

Craptastic Timing!!

booo not good… add to cart and cannot check out. yet another WOOT fail… thanks Amazon - I love you for Amazon but hate you for woot… back to amazon dot com.

So sad. First several clicks gave me a “we can’t find the page” message. Once it was in my cart I was sent to the waiting room. Then, a message saying I wasn’t fast enough.

antechamber seems to have kicked in hard on that one. first BOC to kick off a woot-off in a spell

Waiting room again. Sometimes you lose, other times you lose.
Been a while since we saw a naked BOC sale like this.

Oh well. If it’s full of the stuff Woot’s been selling for the past week then maybe it’s not such a big loss.

Well, it looked lovely in my cart for 3 minutes and it saved me $8. W00t?

5 years and I had my primary payment set wrong…for shame.