Bon Appetit 1.3 hp Blender - 5 Colors

Could one blend a blender?

Here it is with video, owner’s manual and feedback on HSN.

We got one of these from HSN, and are pretty happy with it; just beware the thing is too tall to fit under kitchen cabinets. Of course they demo’ed the blender on a kitchen island…

How does this compare to a Vitamix or a Blendtec?

My Ex took the blender when we split up…

I sure do miss that blender–in for one.

The blendtec has 3HP & sounds like a lawn mower, but rocks!

Not even the same ballpark… are you kidding me??

Which begs the philosophical question:
Does a 2.5-star blender at $140 become a 5-star blender at $45?

That’s deep. Really deep.

Well, good question. While I’m sure it’s gonna be no Bass-O-Matic; I am in the market for a blender to compliment my recent Hurom Slow Juicerpurchase.

The HSN video made it look pretty good. I used to make different kinds of nut butters (almond, peanut etc.) with my old blender and this one looks to be a good candidate for that. The Ex also left with my coffee grinder, so now I can grind a little coffee too!

If you are shopping for a blender, get one with a glass pitcher. The plastic ones scratch from being cleaned and get cloudy over time.

My Blendtec is 3hp, this is 1.3hp. I don’t think there is much comparison.

Some of the newer plastic jars do not get cloudy but glass jars rule.

I have to disagree.

Unless you worry about the look of the pitcher that much plastic is lighter, won’t break and is easier to store. The glass ones are very tippy due to the small base and tall and wide top. I do like my glass pitcher for looks but I detest it every time I touch the thing and it wants to tip over.

Of course if you are never clumsy then get the glass.

ok, very interested, but how does it compare to the Montell Williams blender

If I recall correctly, 1.3 hp would equate to 5.2 horses pulling the blades – 1 hp is about 4 real-life horses. Or at least that’s what middle school taught me all those years ago.

Man, I’m going to need a bigger kitchen.


I want to upvote you, but I can’t!!