Bon Appetit 1.3 hp Blender - 5 Colors

I didn’t read all the comments, but you can get this brand new on ebay from a top rated seller for the same price with FREE shipping. Not a refurb. As seen on slick deals (price is wrong on slick deals)

With this many available as refurbs I’d almost rather get a refurb - clearly they have a common breaking point that one hopes was addressed as part of the refurb.

Reading through the feedback of the seller gives one the impression what they sell are product returns. They sell the product as “New other” which according to eBay rules may include factory seconds and returns. I would advise anybody considering this seller to give the negative feedback a careful reading. At least with a “refurb” product one can indeed hope any common problems have been ironed out.

I’ve only received one dud refurb from Woot, (a pair of heaters actually) and they made it very easy to send it back from whence it came and I was refunded promptly–eBay power sellers aren’t always that easy to deal with.

Well aren’t I embarrassed. Here I have been carrying the water for Woot refurbs and this blender I received has big problems.

The opaque bottom has cracks and stress fractures and the black top lid edge has been broken.

Pictures below. I’m going to just send the thing back as defective. Apparently somebody has tried to remove the blades from the base because the indentation has been chewed up too…

I don’t trust that base to even try to run it to test it even if they sent new parts.

Damn. I was looking forward to this too.

Here’s the pics:

opaque base

Two different lid views

chewed up blade fastener

This is unfortunate. Woot as a marketer for drop-shipped products doesn’t seem to work out all the time. I have hopes that Woot will make it right just as they always have for me.

.Thanks Woot, you came through once again.