Bon Home Heat & Dry Dish Rack

$99.95 over at amazon

Manufacturer’s website where it’s currently unavailable

Since someone’s bound to comment “but why don’t you just get a dishwasher?”, the reason for one of these is because your kitchen can’t accommodate a dishwasher (without re-configuring everything). Like in older homes.

Air drying works fine here in SoCal, where earlier it was 80+ again. Probably not as well in the parts of the country where it’s freezing outside.

Does it heat up the kitchen?

Umm… If you wash them in hot water, don’t the dishes dry in about 10 minutes anyway? Or if you want to blow-dry your dishes, you probably already have a magic machine that does that. Blows up air beds too.

Kudos to Woot finally (after a long lull) bringing up products I didn’t know exist or even think to look for.

Hey Woot, there is this device that does the same thing, except it also cleans and rinses your dishes for you! I think they call it a DISHWASHER. Pretty neat, you should check it out.

Does the heated air get above 140°F? That’s the lowest temperature that doesn’t promote bacterial growth.

The only one under $95 is “Kitchen by Karen” at $70.96 when froogled but don’t know anything about Kitchen by Karen, vs. $59.99 here.

Would this warm already clean dishes? I’m looking for an easy way to serve food on warm dishes.

Knows a lot about dish dryers. There are not very many models out there.

Here is a comparable model from Sunpentown. I own it, it’s great. I paid a lot more for mine, but it has a closed chamber, which is pretty nice.

It would heat up a kitchen about as much as a portable electric heater on low setting for however long as it runs manual (suggests 10 min) or a hair dryer also on low heat. Now if you could just take the air from you PC and pipe it over to the dish rack…
What about water spots?

13 good reviews at Chef’s Catalog:

Mostly good reviews (8) at Bed Bath & Beyond:

and mostly positive reviews (7) at Amazon (linked above to the product page):

The manual says that you can run it on a no heat setting with just room air, or with heated air.

This is nice, the tray is dishwasher safe.

Well, I own one that has a closed chamber, Sunpentown Makes it!

I can tell you that the one that I own runs on intervals. It is 20 min/60 min/Auto. When the dishes are dry, the machine won’t run. Or at least it’s not supposed to.

So, if you serve your food on recently wet dishes, it will work.


Ooh, pretty neat. I live in a makeshift home with no dishwasher and it’s pretty chilly here. I came from LA where my dishes had no problem drying after an hour or so using hot water to wash them. But, after moving to SF, the temperature is so cold here, it takes overnight to dry my dishes now! This may come in handy. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Dangit! I just measured my space and I only have about 14" width next to my sink (this item is 16"+). Boo! Oh well. :frowning:

Which is FREE by the way. In case any of you were wondering. :wink:

Agreed. BUT, don’t buy this thing. Buy the one from Sunpentown. Trust me. You can get it on Amazon for a great price and I can guarantee that it is a much better product.

I don’t work for Sunpentown. I own the dish dryer. I bought it over a year ago and love it. Great for drying baby bottles.

I use a pretty neat invention here. It has been out for Years. It is called a dish towel , and it was only like 2.00 bucks at the W store :slight_smile: lol. Works Just fine for me :slight_smile: and Besides you can wipe up spills with it too if you have too. :wink: lol Can you wipe up spills with this thing??? lol.