Bon Home Heat & Dry Dish Rack

I bought this model when it was on woot before and I love it. Hit the button and all the dishes are dry in about 5 minutes.

Or if the dishes do not need to be done in a hurry, the water collects in a little tray and you can just dump it out.

This seems so neat, but I just don’t have the funds to purchase it… especially since it’s something that gets done without it…

Neat product but dont most people have dishwashers now?

[Google Product Link]( Home DDR100WH&tbm=shop)

Can’t imagine spending this amount of money for such an item that does seem superfluous to me unless one has a huge family. Movin’ on

Hmmmm… I guess I don’t see the point. I use a dishwasher, but even if I hand washed it would still take less time dry dishes with a towel.

In the Winter our dishes dry in 20 minutes just sitting in the rack. Who said Americans are shallow and lazy???

well look on the bright side… maybe this one will sit here all night so none of us miss any woots while we sleep! :slight_smile:

Quality pst

“Heated air provides a bacteria-free alternative to towel-drying”

I’m guessing you didn’t read that far? :slight_smile: Towel drying really isn’t good. Really spreads bacteria.

Wow. This seems to be a hot seller in Idaho. I guess they need to dry all their Santana hats somewhere.

How hot is the heat from this? I don’t want to melt my styrofoam plates and cups. Otherwise, I will have to pull out the paper plates, if that’s the case, I hope it is super hot so the plates dries fast enough before it disintegrates from being wet for so long.

It LOOKS like it’s going to sit there all night.
Sort of neat, but TOO expensive for me. Guess the people in the Pacific NW need it 'cause it’s always raining there.

But I use a clean towel. And I’m drying a clean/wet dish. I haven’t gotten sick from drying dishes so far.

Why not just buy a regular $13.99 disk rack and aim a fan or hair dryer at the dishes?

I’m ready to jump on this.
Some one PLEASE give me a reason.

Use a regular drying rack and splash a couple of glasses of very hot water on top of the dishes when you’re done. They’ll dry just as fast.

  1. Not if you use paper towels, which is not a waste because you can later use it for cleaning the stove, etc.

  2. Simply disinfect the towel in the microwave for 1 minute once every few days.

It dries things.

Aww, thanks.