Bon Kafè Premium Haitian Coffee, 10oz

Bon Kafè Premium Haitian Coffee, 10oz

A whole 6% off. Wow.

No, seriously, is this a scam? One product on their website. The only email address on their site goes to a generic looking “we dropship / do e-commerce” site. The coffee site is a 260 days old shopify site. The parent ecom company site is a WIX site. Wix and Shopify, apps that make geocities look like rocket science.

Are you kidding me? There’s no legit source for this coffee, there’s no legit parent company supplying this coffee. They couldn’t sell this unverified no-name stuff on groupon so Woot took it.

It’s 12.99 when in your cart, looks like the page price might be wrong. Nice to support a company that is working to improve conditions in Haiti and try interesting coffee at the same time imo

The coffee shop has a Facebook page and is located in Indiana.

Based on that facebook page, they don’t even have a store.