Bonavita 5-cup Stainless Steel Carafe

Super price for a highly rated coffee maker. When our coffeemaker died last year, did lots of research and almost bought this one - see the Sweethome site for extensive testing. Ended up going with Bunn based on past experience with that brand.

Got this from Woot the last time they had a Bonavita sale, this past summer. I’ve used it at least once a day, and so far it’s been perfect. I’d been holding off because of complaints about the design and performance, but I haven’t seen anything wrong with it, and it’s a huge bargain at this price, anyway.

NOTE: Do not use pre-ground coffee beans from the store with this machine, as the grind is too fine for pour-over and will result in having to wait a few more minutes for the water to work its way through, as well as an unsatisfying flavor.

We bought this the 8 cup version of this pot a few weeks ago. I love almost everything about it:
The black plastic is a a matte finish - looks much classier than the shiny plastic on cheaper pots. The size is great - small foot print. But I am burying the lead - the change in the quality of the coffee from the last coffee maker we owned is amazingly better. The maker says it’s about proper water temperature - whatever the reason it really works.
Another positive is that you brew with the top of the carafe off and then put it on when the coffee is done brewing. I think that helps keep all of the coffee yumminess inside (compared with tops that are open to allow brewed coffee to enter.
If there is a con, it is that the carafe does not seem to keep the coffee as hot as the last one, but since the coffee remains so good, you can warm it in the microwave and it still tastes good.
One more caution, in the coffee world, a cup is 6 oz, so if you use a big mug, and with this coffee you’ll want to, this 5 cup pot will only make about 30 oz of coffee. But then, you can just make more.

I have the 8-cup version of this. I bought it 2.5 years ago, and I love it. It makes coffee. That’s it. There’s no programming involved. Add a cone filter, add your coffee (do yourself a favor and buy a burr grinder to go with this coffee maker), add water, and press start. In about 4 minutes, you’ll have hot, delicious coffee.

My version has a glass-lined stainless carafe. I am careful of the carafe, as it’s glass, and thus easily broken.