Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker or Tea kettle

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Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker or Tea kettle
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Time to learn all about the kettle

The description refers to a gooseneck kettle and the picture shows the non-gooseneck version.

[MOD: Photo is correct. Description is fixed. THANKS!]

Apparently, the coffeemaker is wonderful, according to The Sweethome. This is a version of their runner-up.

Problem, though, is that the mothership may be selling the same coffeemaker for about similar price, plus Prime shipping if you have them.

I’ve been using the coffee maker for about 4 months now. It makes wonderful coffee with a bit of care in the making. I discovered how nasty some of the coffee I had been buying was. Good quality roast makes for a fantastic cup. Use 7 grams coffee per “cup” (5 ounces water per cup on the reservoir). Weigh it out, it’s necessary. A few grams either way greatly alters the results.

I’ve been using this exact coffee maker for a year now. Generally happy with it. A few minor things that irks me (just a little) :

  1. When pouring from the thermal carafe, occasionally liquid will spill as it gets caught in the “lip” where glass meets plastic in the interior.

  2. Every once in a while, my coffee filter gets caught in the showerhead and gets folded. Sometimes this results in coffee ground escaping the filter into the coffee. Might be the filter I’m using (from Trader Joe’s).

  3. Filter basket sits on top of carafe when brewing. After brewing, you need to wash it up immediately, or put it somewhere you don’t mind having some coffee drip onto, if you want to cover the carafe. Since I finish all my coffee immediately, this is not an issue for me. I lift up the basket, pour my coffee, then put the basket back on top of the carafe.

The power light stays on after brewing, but I measured power consumption using Kill-A-Watt - when the brewing stops, it doesn’t draw any power (well, a teeny bit to keep the light lit, but not measureable). It’ll eventually click off - after 20 minutes or so.

Recommended if you like good coffee. Make sure you grind your beans just before brewing for best taste.

Almost as good as a Technivorm Mochamaster for about half the price. Key is water temp. Needs to be in the range of 200-205f for proper brewing.

The BEST electric version of “pourover” type coffee for the $$$ (as good as theTechnivorm Mochamaster at half the price)…I love,love ,love this machine !!!

I have used the Bonavita coffee maker for 2 years now - great coffee! As someone else mentioned already the filter can get stuck however I have learned my lesson(s) and am extra careful when inserting it.

While I’m sure the coffee maker is going to be the breakout hit, I ordered the teakettle for myself after Christmas and have used it several times since. I’m very happy with it—it heats from refrigerated to a boil in a few minutes, much quicker than my previous stovetop kettle. Since I use filtered water there hasn’t been much ado about cleanup but the mouth on the top of it is certainly wide enough to reach inside and scrub. If you need an electric kettle, this is the best option in the price range.

I’ve been using this coffee maker for years now and am on my second now (first was destroyed in a house fire). I love this coffee maker!

The reviews above are correct, this thing make “HOT!” coffee and the carafe will keep it that way for hours.

It’s also very fast, will brew a pot in less than 5 minutes not counting the prep time.

A few tips to use it though:

  1. Pre-heat the carafe while you grind your coffee, just fill it with hot water from the tap and put the lid on. This will make your coffee stay hotter longer.

  2. Don’t use bleached filters and rinse the filter before putting your grounds in. All filters have loose debris from manufacturing that ends up in your coffee if you don’t rinse it.

  3. Get a good burr grinder and grind right before you brew, much better flavor that way.

I’ve not had the leaking lid problem indicated above. My coffee maker is right by my sink so I just take the filter basket and place it in the sink when the brew is complete, no need to clean it immediately.

These are great coffee makers, they don’t have the bells and whistles other cheap units do but they make great coffee. If you need a clock or a timer or sneak-a-cup then you won’t find it on this model. You can hook a regular house timer to it if needed though.

Agree with docklink, measure your coffee with a scale and grind right before brewing. I use a slightly higher ratio (7.5g to 8g per 5 oz.) and a tiny pinch of salt, but each person needs to figure out their own taste using their choice of bean. Great coffee maker. Cook’s Illustrated Best Buy.

I roast (Behmor 1600 +), grind (Barraza burr grinder) and brew my coffee with a Technivorm-Moccamaster KB 741 with glass carafe which I bought cheap off Ebay, new. It’s an excellent brewer with no issues. Long 5 year warranty, built like a tank. Brew water temp stays at 199F from start to finish.

What’s being offered is the old Bonavita. I looked hard at the new Bonavita BV1900TS and decided against it, mainly because of the thermal carafe. If you don’t heat it, your coffee will quickly go warm. I like the glass carafe of the Technivorm and the ability to manually close down the basket to let the grinds saturate which makes for a more robust cup.

Having said that the Bonavita is a good value and receives excellent reviews.

We have a Bonavita tea kettle like the one in this woot, except it has the gooseneck spout. It is perfect! We use it to make drip coffee using a Melitta thermal carafe, which happens to be exactly the carafe that comes with the Bonavita coffee maker in this woot!

I just ordered the coffee maker (been waiting for a deal on it) so that we can further automate our brewing. Since we have the Melitta thermal carafe, it will make it easy to have more coffee ready for guests!

BTW, the coffee basket is the same between the Melitta and the Bonavita brewer, too.

Again, what’s being offered is the OLD version at a higher price than Amazon.

Bargains are few and far between at Woot anymore.

You can’t compare the thermal carafe maker with the cheaper glass carafe model.

I’ve had this thermal carafe maker for a few years new, and it’s the best maker you can buy for the money. Proper water heating, water distribution that’s on par with Technivorm, all at a great price.

I researched fully a couple of years ago to find a coffeemaker and based on reviews and price, went with this one. I have been super pleased with the coffee.

Every coffee maker has it pros & cons. I’ve also owned the new Brazen Plus with the thermal carafe. I returned it because I did not care to pre-heat the carafe. Unless you leave HOT water in the carafe for at least 4 minutes, you’ll have a lukewarm cup 10 minutes after you finished your first. The same issues will apply to this OLD Bonavita model that is being offered here.