Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker or Tea kettle

Before you boohoo all over us, look carefully at the Amazon page.

BV1800 - Glass carafe
BV1800SS - Steel-lined thermal carafe (WHAT WE’RE SELLING)
BV1800TH - Glass-lined thermal carafe.

Also, when you search BV1900 (newer version, not what we’re selling), it takes you to the BV1800 page. You’re not seeing the newer version.

We are lower than Amazon.

Coffee maker…
Makes great coffee, search out the professional reviews. Instead of paying for bells & whistles, you are paying for quality parts and engineering that brews properly.
The instructions do mention folding the edges of the filter to make it fit better inside the basket. Doing this, I have never had my filter fold over on itself.
The thermal carafe pours well with the lid on. But with the lid off, it pours terribly, dripping easily.
People are saying this is the older model because it has the thermal carafe instead of glass. They are incorrect. The thermal carafe and glass carafe are different options, not that one is newer and better, just different. Also, the glass carafe is cheaper in price. I usually do not pre-heat my thermal carafe and the coffee stays hot for many hours.
A note about the thermal carafe. The older (original) was glass lined which had a tendency to break. Mine was the glass lined, and it broke, and Bonavita quickly replaced it with the newer stainless steel lined thermal carafe. The coffee makers offered here should all have the more durable lining.

This is one of 5 brands of coffeemakers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America for it’s brew temps and ability to brew a superior cup of coffee.

Here’s all of them:
Technivorm Moccamaster.
Bunn Phase Brew 8 Cup Coffee Brewer.
Bonavita 8 Cup Exceptional Brew Coffee Maker with glass or thermal carafe.
Brazen Plus Customizable Temperature Control Brew System.
KitchenAid Coffee Maker KCM0802.

If I were to buy a new electric coffeemaker today I’d go with the Brazen Plus simply because of all of it’s highly customizable parameters (now that they’ve worked out some of the issues of the original model). I’m just geeky like that and the increased cost over Bonavita is worth it to me. If the Brazen didn’t exist this would probably be my choice.

I have the Bonavita variable temp gooseneck version and brewing with that and a Hario V60 pourover is my go-to brew setup when I have the time (weekends and holidays when I don’t have to be at work by 7:30). I love that kettle. It’s cool how you can experiment with various temps and the differences in taste that result from changes in temp. After playing around with it my preferred temp setting for Hario pourover is 206. 203 was flat comparatively.

Coffee filters are oxygen-bleached, not chlorine-bleached. At least the Melitta filters are. Probably others too.


Yes you are. Good on ya to correct me!

Coffee makers come in many “shades of gray”. It can be confusing as there are many models within the same company line.

Having said that…if I was to spring for the old Bonavita I’d choose a glass carafe at $112. To each his own.

“A great cup of coffee” - video review by the Seattle Coffee Gear folks (always check them first for coffee machines):

I recently bought the gooseneck version of the electric kettle – the first one leaked, so I returned it, and the replacement works great for pourover coffee.

got the coffee maker for christmas. is the best home coffee maker i have ever owned. just like a pour over in the shop,so get good quality beans and have them freshly ground or stored properly. worth the money, about the best price you can get for the thermal carafe version.

ooooooooooo talk nasty to me… lower than Amazon, i’m gettin’ a little warm now…

but seriously, this is a great coffee maker, regardless of the model.

Americas Test Kitchen rates this very high too…

Same here, I prefer a glass carafe – I bought this model (glass) a couple of months back. Absolutely love it, finally don’t have to decide between great coffee and convenience.

I have had some thermal types over the years and just never liked them as much. Even with pre-warming the carafe, the coffee never seems hot enough.

But, just my opinion.

I’ve had exactly this model (with the stainless steel carafe) for 2-3 months now and it’s easily the best coffeemaker I’ve ever owned. No bells & whistles but it makes very, very good coffee with a minimum of fuss. Plus I find myself using a smaller amount of coffee than I did with my old coffeemaker. This, I hope, will pay for the difference in price for the nicer coffee beans I buy now – because I can really taste the difference.

OK kiddies, it’s time to really kick it up a notch - roast your own! Started with a West End Poppery I bought off ebay, moved up to the Behmor 1600 +. Aint nothing like fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee. The profiles you can get are endless. My fave so far is a 60/40 blend of medium roasted (Full City +) Costa Rican Tarrazu with a dark almost oily roasted Sulawesi.

Hey, baby.

crazy odd coincidence. I was thinking of buying this based on great review from Cook’s Illustrated (top two along with the always best Technivorm).

I put in shopping cart yesterday for stainless carafe at $137. today priced has jumped – and cart shows the alert:

" Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel has increased from $136.19 to $159.00 "

barf. -GA


I don’t think that’s a “coincidence”

So amazon jacked the price to make this look like a good deal? So with the $5. shipping you’re saving $2? Wow.

Oh, jeez. Look at the sellers on Amazon. They’re 3rd parties.

Conspiracy theories.

Uh huh. And the third parties are notorious for yoyo-ing the prices, right?

When the stock of one vendor sells out, the next vendor is shown on the page. Simple as that. Each 3rd party vendor sets their own pricing.

garetta didn’t say anything about it being a different vendor. just the notification that the price has increased. please explain this.