Bondic 2-Pack Liquid Plastic Welder Pro Kit

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Bondic 2-Pack Liquid Plastic Welder Pro Kit
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cheaper on amazon if you get free prime shipping.


Has anyone used this to, say, fix a piece of car trim that is falling off? Asking for a friend.

Hahaha, I came here to point that out as well. How absurd is this “deal?”

JB weld is better

I know you weren’t asking for opinions but I think this would depend upon where you live. In Chicago with drastic temps, this stuff wouldn’t hold up on the side of a car with cold temps and road salt. It might have a chance in warm weather states.

It’s probably worth a shot. I’ve only used it a few times for minor plastic repairs, and I’ve always been surprised how well it holds.

Thanks! That’s good info. I do live “down yonder”, so maybe this would work.

Thanks for the tip! Since that is pretty cheap, maybe I’ll try it first.

This stuff works best on items where the UV light can penetrate all of the glue completely. So, if you apply glue behind a solid color object, the only portion of the glue that the light will reach is the edge, not likely a good bond at that rate.

Another option - 3M VHB double sided tape.