Bondic Kits and Refills

Bondic Kits and Refills

HOL UP. The 2 pack of 4g bottles is $14, or I can get a 2 pack of 4g bottles and a UV light for $14? Makes sense.

Yep. It’s called “Razor and Blades Sales Model” – give away the device, make your profit on the proprietary consumables.

Nope, the one with the light and 2 refills is $20. $14 nets you 2 refills or 1 with a light.
But yeah, see: Razor Blades, ink jet printers, video game consoles, et al.

Actually @flaccid is right. The $14 starter kit has the welder and 2 @ 4g tubes of glue (there’s one already attached to the welder and one refill). The 2 refills kit is also $14 (but no welder).

Bought this thing a while back and it sat in my closet untouched for a few months until a day when I thought hey, this is exactly the right glue for this job.
And I tried to squeeze the glue out of the tiny container. And it had dried up and hardened.

Complete waste of money.

I stand corrected if that is the case. I bought the pro so I will see if it is 2 total or 3…

I am indeed! I’ve purchased this particular kit before (and again this time) and it indeed has two tubes and a light.