Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder DIY Kit

So it’s a UV cured plastic resin. Nifty.

Received this as a gift about two weeks ago and I have already had to order more resin. This little welder works great. We have found it for sale on several different websites and each package is different. Do some research before ordering.

Saw the red rectangle in the photo and I thought it was a
Lytro, finally at the price it should be!

So do you have to buy the resin from them and is it expensive to get more? What about ordering it in significant quantities? I don’t see anywhere on their site where they tell you how much you get or how to reorder it/cost.

Amazon has the refills for about $13. I’m kicking around getting this, but wondering if I’d get enough use out of it to make it with the price over just using glue.

If it’s just UV gel, that means it’s most likely the same UV gel overlay used in gel fingernails. You can pick up entire pots of it for around 4 bucks. Application would be no more difficult than applying model airplane glue from a small pot. Something like this stuff.

Have an LED set of lights? Use this stuff instead:
LEDnailgel It runs around $14

The DIY kit is $40 on the mothership:®-Worlds-Plastic-Seconds-Bondic/dp/B00TR6Z5TY/

One refill for $13®-Plastic-Anything-Situations-Bondic/dp/B00QU5M4VW/

5 refills for $55®-Refills-Anything-Situations-Bondic/dp/B00Z7NO7MM/

The stuff does work, I bought a couple of kits direct from Bondic, and gave one to my dad. We’re both pretty happy with it.

I’m not sure how well the fingernail gel will work as a replacement, but at $4, it’s worth a try. Thanks for the tip.

Any idea how strong this is? I broke a plastic buckle on my boots.

It’s actually very strong - you can add layers to make it stronger (although that might make it a little unsightly as well). I had a pair of reading glasses that broke right after the hinge, tried it thinking “no way”, it actually fixed them for quite a while. In the end, it couldn’t withstand the constant flexing, but I was very impressed.