Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Pro Kit

Obligatory “Cheaper at the Mothership” link.

That’s not the Pro version.

What’s the difference between the pro version and the kit with two? It looks like everything is the same, except the pro version comes with only one light unit, but includes a microfiber cloth.

Looks like the difference is the standard kit has one tube of goop, and the pro has two tubes.

A refill tube is $14, so…

They both come with two 4 gram tubes of goop.

‘Bondic is both heat and water resistant, as well as resistant to acids, oils, lyles, and lubricants!’

Tell me more about the lyles.

definitely the only product where i want TONS of goop

i need this

The Pro seems to have one applicator and two tubes of goop, while the other has two applicators, each with a tube. So it’s the same amount of goop in each. The Pro delivers it cheaper, but the 2-pack has separate applicators. I’m thinking with the two-pack I can leave one at home and pack the other when I go out or keep it in my car (since it looks like it won’t be damaged by heat because only UV cures it).