Bondic Pro Kit or Refills

Bondic Pro Kit or Refills


Forget about this stuff. I bought this the last go around…boy I tell you HelloKiddy I didn’t find it worked. Even on stubborn copper pipe that has leaked before a few times. Once again its leaking in a different spot and even when I cut the main water off it still drips through this stubborn copper pipe. So, I tried this since they hype it up to be perfect for such surface. The water just was under it until it found an area that bionic wasn’t used and started dripping from there. Complete wast of money. Used a super glue and TP patch again that area of the pipe is good now… It will just start leaking above or below all patches. Obviously, the copper is formed incorrectly on this connection.
My particular review and experience. Previous commenters on this here product forced me to try it. I always saw this and just said I’m stuck with my old ways what works but people were saying how useful this stuff was in their tool box. Um yeah okay good that you find this plastic stuff to fix a water leak good or even great. I did not and was really upset at myself mainly for even thinking plastic over copper would work.

Stefan, Ummm, ever hear of a plumber???


Where are refills available when you use these up?

You can get the refills on Amazon and a lot of other retailers. Woot puts the refills on sale pretty regularly. My husband uses this stuff for model trains and cars, and for small repairs around the house. He loves it. I’m buying a 5 pack of the refills today.

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They royally screwed up the last time the sold this. Would not honor their false advertising when add showed Pro Kit and Refills. Offer to correct by allowing your return of item or would sell you the Pro Light. SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THOSE SCREWED BY YOUR FALSE ADDS THE LIGHT AT NO CHARGE. TYPICAL AMAZON BS


I respect your opinion and I thought it was misleading as well. However, its probably not completely woot the 3rd party seller was mostly at blame. Since woot just published it for them. They were like I ain’t honoring shit.

Yeah but we currently are under a COVID-19 pandemic and having a young one with a very cautious wife. Its not worth me sleeping somewhere else for a while just cause I decided to let a stranger into the house. Also, the first leak was years ago but now after 3 I know it needs to be replaced and it will get done before I put in new floors.

If i hired a plumber shoot i probably would be joining the hobo in a box.

Thankfully, my projects are more along the lines of fixing spare eyeglasses and repairing some other small plastic mishaps. I can’t imagine how many refill tubes of the stuff you went through on that pipe though! That’s dedication and or peak stubbornness.

Wait… is TP patch toilet paper? And then super glue?
Can you just wrap the whole thing in a couple layers of electrical tape. I mean I’m not a plumber and while I can put together ikea furniture like a pro, I have no idea if that or duct tape would work.

I only tried some of this stuff which it wouldn’t adhere to the copper. Scraped it off with fingernail going back to my dads trick of super glue and toilet paper. Yes it works I use gorilla glue but my dad uses whatever he can buy in a tube. He has tried $1 store but it wouldn’t work…I wonder why? Not. Yes its like fiberglass when used in combination.