I see boneheads everyday , they would spot me with this…

I see a serpent, a mummy, a vampire, a gorilla, an alien, the swamp thing, and medusa, and finally… Godzilla?!

Totally looks like King Kong wants to suck face with the lizard thing.

Godzilla and King Kong are getting it on.

Busy…but the dragon on top is cool.

Hallowoot! Hallowoot! Go away come back again in 2010

It made me think a bit of the piece that kaseyfleming put up at artevist (which was also in the Air derby) but I think this stands strong without all the details and it’s easier to figure out the animals in this than it was to figure it out in his wispy interpretation. Plus, the touches of red are nice accents.

I personally wouldn’t buy it (I’m not a skull fan) but it’s a good manipulation of animals and such.

Nuh uh! They WANT to get it on, but the others are crowding them. Why do you think they represent the eyes? The window to each other.

Yeah yeah, that was horrible, but I’ve been up watching the woot-off all day!

The alien in the middle reminds me of this face 0_0. Or he is just astounded by the controversy between Godzilla and King Kong.

It’s all of my childhood nightmares manifested as a skull! Awesome!

Love the way it’s all shaped in the form of a skull. Great design!

Not for me, but I do appreciate another shirt this week that’s on-theme-but-off-theme enough to be worn year-round.

I don’t see zombies. Why are zombies left out? Are they not scary enough? Or do they just trump the competition?

Oh, and I think Godzilla is mad at King Kong for breaking the jaw of that one T-Rex in that one movie.

What is the head in the upper left? Is it a vampire? And if that’s a vampire, what’s the thing in the upper middle?

Do they usually do Halloween shirts this long? Does anyone actually wear these shirts when it’s NOT Halloween?

I love the fact that our “Hooters” closing made the artist write-up. Nice job, boys.

I didn’t even know our Hooters closed. I go to Wings Over Burlington for my buffalo wings and huge bombs (literally…fighter jet missiles and stuff…dont ask).

Anyway, thanks again, woot, for supporting this starving artist in a state with about no market for designers.

I see a male medusa above mummy and a goblin instead of a vampire.

I count 10 heads.

Judging from the tentacles, I think it is safe to assume that Cthulhu is host to this unholy gathering.