Bones or Candy

Still available

I can’t wait to find out what is actually in these bags. :crossed_fingers: for something magical :woman_mage:t3: :crystal_ball:

So many of you dreaming of the BOC seriously need to raise your standards…


rip vop and vop and vop :frowning:

nah. our (my) standards aren’t the issue. it’s the masochism.

Is it broken?

Panic Omg GIF


Lol. Label it what you’d like. :wink:

The vestibule is wonky. I’ve literally gone out of it and hit the “buy now” button again and gone directly to checkout. I think if the servers are congested then you hit the vestibule, but someone coming in behind you could not hit the congestion and go right through. I found that to get through the vestibule you nearly have to be logged in.

does it even work via the app?


I read the 3 paragraphs 8 x

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TT, your profile pic went zombie or something

Long time, I went through after it was stuck at 33%,

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I don’t have any unused coupons.

Sat there long enough to try different browsers, browser vs. app, and different networks. VOP’d every time.

I still have TTHH coupon

Using Amazon login, or Woot?

Just curious.

They have drugs now that can “professionally” help with that obsession…


Amazon login.

Out of curiosity: Why?

Free shipping even if you use Woot login.