Bonjour Ami-Matin French Press 8-cup



I am spent. Can this be delivered in the next 10 minutes, full of coffee?


In for one! I had discussed these previously, so glad it came up. I’ve never done French Press, although I’ve done their type of kissing.


When you say spent, do you mean your energy level or you cash level?


that reminds me, i left my coffee in the kitchen.


Sadly my cash is unspent.


Just received my French press. Did anyone else get a 3 cup model instead of the 8 cup model showed? Or just an mistake in size description?


YEP! Me too…got one 8 cup and one 3 cup. GRRRRR Writing CustService now.


I ordered an 8cup press and got a 3 cup press. I have a feeling WOOT is getting a lot of complaints.


Got the same 3 cup press. the ad clearly says 8 cup. 3 cup press is useless to me and at the price a huge ripoff. Concerned deeply about the “new WOOT”


Question for those who got wrong size…was it the red/rouge color? I got the green 8 cup but the red one was only 3 cup. Just wonderin’ if there was a correlation between color and size on what got messed up.


I got a blue one that was 3 cup. Ordered a green one though.


I ordered the 8-cup in whatever they called the blue. Got a red 3-cup.

At the price, this was a total rip-off.


emailed CustService, they’ll refund cost of 3 cup and don’t have to send back. Maybe I’ll use it for a present or something. I realize it’s pretty much all I could expect them to do but I’m still not ok with this. I got two, in different colors, for a couple who are both addicted to massive coffee but like different blends.