BonJour! It iz I, your kitchen!



That cutting board looks intriguing. What are your thoughts? Would I be less likely to slice off a finger?


That Salad Chef mixer is $12.86 on Amazon with prime shipping, this isn’t really that great of a deal.


Thermometer is at BB&B at $66 (after 20% coupon) with limited lifetime waranty.


Was hoping to get a decent timer with my Free Shipping “unlocked” but this timer has all 1 ratings as being a piece of junk on the mother ship - seems it doesnt work at all, going off at any time… even in the middle in the night.

Will have to wait for another time.


The Pro Torch is great for your golf bag. Light a cigar on the golf course without the wind ever being a problem!


Online link for us to check out?



well, yeah, but…does everybody have a 20 percent off coupon?


For Bed Bath and Beyond, yes. They send them out every week, I have at least three in my car right now.


unfortunately, we can’t assume all people receive BB&B coupons amassing in their junk mail.

the point is: regrettably, for us to make a case for price adjustment, the deal has to be available to all (assuming they have access to the internet, i suppose).


They seem to be more expensive now, but ten years ago I bought a Bernzomatic self-igniting propane torch for kitchen use, and it’s been great. I’ve only had to buy another tank of propane once since then.

It’s a lot bigger, but it’s a much better value and has a bigger flame. And you can use it for other stuff.


They didn’t mention. How is this fueled? (Or, refilled?)

I don’t want to spend $30 on something I’d throw away, when it runs out of fuel.



Creme Brûlée exact set is only $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyone without any coupons.


Subtle difference. BB&B model is not brushed aluminum, but is substantially less money. Also, the set offered there contains THREE ounce ramekins, while this set has the FOUR ounce ramekins (unless the writers misread the box).
Thanks for providing the link. I gave me a chance to read the reviews and has pushed me towards getting the other flamer thrower offered instead.


I bought one of these (similar, but different brand I think) in a Woot-off and spent about 12 months hunting down the butane with no luck. I went to smoke shops, sporting good stores, regular grocery stores, nothing. Very frustrating. I think I might have just donated it.


Is it sold out? I can’t purchase but it does not say.


You can find butane refills at Walmart. Normally in the sporting goods section by the lanterns.

They look like this: (sold in singles, as well)


My point was more so with the waranty. 90 days is a bit short for something like this.


Been looking for more info on this. BonJour sends you to Pots and Pans to shop and that sites says it has only a Quality Assurance Guarantee which basically means free from defects. Here’s the BonJour page on it.

I don’t see any mention of a lifetime warranty for the Triple Timer.