Bonjour, Kitchen Gadgets!

Quick note about french press & “flavor lock” - Normally, when you press your coffee you should decant immediately. Leaving your coffee soaking in the grounds for an extended period of time will bitter your coffee - however Bonjour introduces what they call “flavor lock” - which is a dumb name, but in theory the feature should work OK. It features a “valve” on the plunger that after you plunge your coffee you can twist the handle and create a wall between your coffee and the grounds. I’ve personally never used one, but I was curious as to what it was so I figured I’d just write up what I found.

Personally, when I use a french press (or Chemex) I decant into an insulated carafe which works amazingly.

I noticed that the description of the torch states that it is “powered with standard butane fuel containers, not included…” I’m wondering if this means that you need to insert one of those rinky dink butane lighters INSIDE the device as the fuel source (not good), or if the torch actually has a fuel reservoir that can be filled with butane from a container of butane.

Oh… Never mind… I see that the torch can be filled with butane from a container of butane.

damn you Woot, I have been wanting a french press.