BonJour Monet French Press 3-Cup

I usually start the water first and let it come to a boil. In the mean time give your beans a course grind. Let the water cool just a bit before pouring it over the grounds. Give the brew a quick stir with a wooden chopstick - just enough to make it frothy on top. Seat the top with the handle fully extended on top of the carafe and set your timer for four minutes. Feed the cat. When the timer goes off press the handle slowly downwards applying no more pressure than the weight of your hand. When the handle reaches the bottom your coffee is ready. It’s well worth the ritual. After a while you’ll be able to do it when your still half asleep.

At the risk of sounding even more retentive; I like to add cream (and/or sugar if you prefer) to the cup before pouring the coffee. It mixes evenly without stirring. Best of luck.