Bonny Doon Arroyo Seco Tempranillo (6)

Discussion from last month’s sale, which was at the same price.

Edit: the Amazon ordering page is going wacky again. Keeps recycling, too fast to hit the “buy” button.

Yes, we are still having issues with Amazon Payments this morning. We’re working with Amazon to resolve it.

The amount left keeps going down, so somebody out there is making it through.

The amount left is also based off of time…if it isn’t selling, then it will “sell out” at 1 hour, for example. That way, one of the offers doesn’t sit there for 8-10 hours and you get no variety.

That doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

seems like its running out, tried to buy it twice and so far unable to, this sucks

I thought maybe it was the browser, I tried Chrome and Firefox. Bottom line: it wasn’t the browser.

Oh well, it’s just about gone. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

We also use timers to move sales so they can run unattended for a while.