Bonny Doon Sparkling Syrah (3)

Bonny Doon Sparkling Syrah 3-Pack
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2011 Sparkling Syrah
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I like sparkling syrah (Shiraz) quite a bit. And I like what I have had from Bonny Doon so far. I hope there were rats on this.

Whats going on with the Acid numbers?
8.8 and 3.94?

Going in blind… been wanting to add a red sparkler to the cellar for awhile and am a fan of Bonny Doon wines in general.

Might I suggest South Coast “Sin” as another to add to your cellar

Interesting! No shipping to Ohio, though.

Malic? Perhaps the wine didn’t go through ML with that high pH

My feelings exactly! It’s intriguing. Anyone around NYC want to take one or two from me? (Or let me split a bottle from your order?)

Also, if anyone from the winery stops by, or if anyone knows from experience – how exactly does one exercise caution and patience in uncapping this?

I assume this will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day?

Not a bad find, despite south coast winning lots of awards at California state fairs I have yet to find a wine of theirs that I really enjoy. Facilities are beautiful but the wines are like the rest of Temecula wines, bland, very light and un-distinctive.

Yes. Plenty of time.

“Randall’s favorite wine”.

I’m in for a set. If any SoCalers want a split PM or email me and I can pick up a 2nd set. :wink:

Thanks WD, I figured it would but thought it should be stated since the wine is somewhat valentinesy.

And I missing something, who’s Randall?

SWMBO approved, I assume. Didn’t you bring a Municipal Winemaker’s Sparkling Syrah to the Cal Phil? I will take one if available

Randall Grahm is the owner/winemaker of Bonny Doon. He is great at what he does.

Randall Grahm - Proprietor and legendary winemaker of Bonny Doon. this is his stated favorite Bonny Doon wine.

Also, hightened acidity brings structure to a sparkling wine made from high brix grapes such as syrah.


I can take one.