Bonsai Bonanza

Arbequina Olive Tree
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Miniature Coastal Redwood Tree
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Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree
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So which one of these is least likely to die if left unattended for a week?

Yeah…which one is really hard to kill?

All 3 of these plants are hearty and should do very well as long as they are not allowed to freeze and the soil is kept moist, not overly wet.

Careful with this purchase. This was my worst Woot purchase ever (and I have bought a lot over the years). I bought 3 a few years ago for Christmas gifts. All 3 arrived dead. The note said they look like that and then they peak up in the spring. None of them ever did and they were non-refundable.

I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with your last purchase of our trees. If you’d like to private message me I’d be happy to make arrangements to get you replacements

When are these shipping? I can’t see it in any if the pages. I would like to be sure to be in town.

Sadly, my olive tree from last time (2 years ago?) never made it after arriving and dropping its leaves immediately. I’m really intrigued by the redwood, and winder how hearty it is.

Are you a rep from Ascus Nursery? I have concerns prior to my purchase and to read that you’ve responded here with the intention of making your client happy, I’m gaining confidence.
I live in South Louisiana, Zone 8b : 15 to 20 (F) and I’m interested in an Arbequina Miniature Olive Tree as a Christmas gift.
Before I pull the trigger, would you be able to offer quick insight?
Does the tree ship well?
Will this be a good buy for my climate?
Will you warranty the tree at least for a reasonable amount of time while it becomes accustomed to it’s new home?
Have you had great success shipping your living gifts?
It’s for my mom and she’s amazing with plants and trees and will treat it with utmost care. My main concern is the travel and shipping shock.
My mother doesn’t own an olive tree and I think it would be a wonderful gift for her.
I look forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

I got the Arbequina Olive tree last year. It arrived healthy with some little olives on it. I kept in the terracotta pot it arrived in for about two months. This pot was too small and let the soil dry too fast so I nearly lost the plant to dehydration. If I didn’t water it near daily, many leaves would drop.
Then I finally wised up and put it in a much larger (10") plastic pot and haven’t had any problems since. The tree is about 3’ tall now (above the soil), but I still haven’t gotten it to flower/fruit. I feed it occasionally, but overall it’s been a rather low maintenance plant since I repotted it.
I live in Minneapolis, so it’s been an indoor plant since I got it. I’m pretty sure the lack of olives is a light issue. It does get ~14 hours of light from some T5 bulbs, but not a lot of natural sunlight.

For all shipments on wine.woot, allow at least 2-3 weeks - although it’s often faster.

The FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.

Great save story!

What kind of potting soil did you use?

I would guess that an olive tree not only needs a lot of natural sunlight but a lot of heat to produce fruit!

The little reading I have done on these as bonsai indoor plants is that the Olive plants should do best but still need a lot of care.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Trees seem to need a lot more care if kept indoors and potted.

If left to dry out for even one day it will probably die or if over-watered will rot.

Last February I ordered 3 indoor bonsai. I did a lot of research to make sure they were actually indoor bonsai as many will sell anything saying indoor when they are NOT.

I got these: Ponytail Palm, Gensing Grafted Ficus and a F(u)kien Tea. The Ponytail has been the easiest to care and would be OK without daily watering! The Gensing needs water spritzing 2-3 times a day and some pruning a couple times a year or it gets crazy looking.

The F(u)kien was has been the most serious. As cautioned by the seller when bonsai arrive they can drop 30 - 60% of their leaves and the F(u)kien did! I moved it around to various spots in the house until I found its spot and the right level of water/spritzing/light. In the summer it starting flowering and fruiting but it will drop leaves very fast if you forget half a day of spritzing!!!

Most/All bonsai need humidity trays. Basically you can use a large plate filled with pebbles and add water covering the pebbles then put your bonsai pot over the pebbles (NOT on-top of the water). This gives your bonsai a little extra moisture when things get too hot in the summer or dry in the winter! Also if you are actually watering on the soil it allows the water to drip into the plate/pebbles instead of rotting your roots.

That is a bit of what I have learned over the year with the “indoor” bonsai. At winter has attacked there is a def difference - hibernation maybe in the Ponytail - the biggest one to show a sign of change!

These things need a lot of care and really show it!

btw, seems Woot! doesn’t like the way F(u)kien Tea is written unless edited with the (u) special adaptation, lol.

What, we can’t get the bromeliads shown in the picture?


about 3 years ago I bought the olive tree and it is still alive and gives olives for the past 2 years. It’s actually pretty cool. We also have the pomegranate :slight_smile:

Is this the best time to be selling plants that were grown in warmer climates? While it’s fairly warm this week here in the NE for this time of year, who knows what temperature it’d be when UPS leaves the box at the front of my house for half a day. How well would these small trees handle being in below freezing temps?

Would this arrive in time for Christmas?


All bonsai are relatively easy to kill. To keep a bonsai thriving you need to have a well draining soil that stays moist. On average for my bonsai I have to water about every other day. It was about once every four days in the summer when it was humid outside. If you leave the for a week the tree may only drop it leaves and recover later, but it will likely die. I had an olive bonsai and killed it over the winter because of not watering enough.

Bonsai are a lot of work so know what you’re getting into before buying one. You will also need to buy fertilizer since the tree will rapidly deplete nutrients in the pot. Also to have a good tree you’ll have to trim it every couple of weeks, otherwise it will start to look all scraggly and gross.

Every couple years you will have to repot it and trim the roots, which isn’t really so bad.

I had the same problem with a pomegranate bonsai I purchased. It arrived “dead” (I believe they said “dormant”) and the instructions said the same thing about perking up in the spring, but it never happened. I don’t agree with whoever said they’re a lot of work since the instructions did not indicate this.

Tropiflora is a good place to go for bromeliads.