Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree

Bonsai-Tuscan Miniture Olive Tree
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PRODUCT: 1 Bonsai-Tuscan Miniture Olive Tree

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Darn it! Give me my balsamic!

Grape vines I could understand - an olive tree???

It’s to go with your miniature bonsai martini tree.

i think this little guy is so cute

Up to what zone is this hardy outside?

Has anyone had success with these? I have a bonsai gardenia that my husband gave me at the end of September. It dropped most of its leaves in the first ten days. Many leaves regrew, and then I had another leaf drop. The leaves are regrowing now, but I am unsure the plant will make it. Getting one now (February delivery) makes more sense, since the coming spring weather will allow me to put a plant outside soon. And I have always loved olive trees. I will have to think. Am I really willing to baby two bonsai trees this spring?

Anyone buy this last time? Do you actually get olives from this little guy? It states that it will fruit after a year. Am I going to wait an entire year for disappointment?

Maybe hire a ‘little person’ gardener?

How many bonsai trees will it take to refill my Olivestri Siloro bottle with olio nuovo?

That’s it - a garden gnome!

These are going much faster than I would have thought. Are they hard to keep alive?

Highly tannic when young, but becoming fruit forward on a seasonal basis as they mature. Unlike most offerings, should be cellared in a warm, bright place.

Do these eventually grow into a full-sized tree, or do they stay eternally tiny?

Why didn’t I know the woot-off was still going on? No one tells me these things…

I need a cheap assortment pack so I can try to force myself into developing a taste for wine. I almost bought the 12 pack yesterday.

Raw olives are one of the most bitter inedible things on the planet. To be edible, olives must be soaked over and over in lye then rinsed in fresh water. A time consuming and potentially dangerous proceedure. If you buy one of these don’t try to eat the fruit raw!

I can find a way cheaper olive tree, but not a “Tuscan” Olive tree…

How about eating a box of red devil lye, then the olives, then a gallon of water?

Olive it!