Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree

Anyone seeing movement in fedex tracking? ‘Shipping information’ was sent on the 1st and it still hasn’t been picked up yet.

Im wondering the same. Its been quite a bit of time…

Wondering the same, 2/14/11. I’m concerned about the health of the plant during shipping. It’s been about 3 weeks.I’m just glad it’s not wine, I’d be dead of thirst.

Agreed, where the heck are these things? I’m fine if they decided to wait to ship due to weather conditions, but an update would be nice.

I haven’t seen any movement on mine either. Looks like they’ve been stuck since the 1st.

We have been watching the weather across the country and are shipping them as the weather permits so that they do not arrive frozen.

I understand, thanks very much for the response and for taking care with the trees. I’m sure bouncing around in the back of a frozen truck (or waiting on my frozen doorstep) is not the best environment for them! Looking forward to receiving it once the weather cooperates.

Thank you for the update!

Checked in with customer service yesterday. They expect these to start shipping this coming week now that we are out of the deep freeze (mostly).

Good Morning! Today we are shipping the bonsai trees to FL, SC, KS, TX, AR, TN, AL, GA and LA. The remaining will be shipped when the weather permits.

Today we are shipping all bonsai destined for IN, PA, MD, VA, IA, OH and IL

Thank you

Can WI please also be included?

Thanks for the update! Waiting patiently for Michigan to thaw out. There’s snow on the ground but a feisty robin in our tree, so we must be getting close.

Any updates for the remaining states (WI) that are now in the 40-50 degree weather as well?

All remaining orders shipped today and you can expect delivery early next week.

Thank you! Can’t wait!

Just wanted to report that the tree arrived safely and was even flowering when it got here! Thanks again for taking care with the sending and packaging.

HELP!! Tree was doing great and now is dropping all of its leaves in a hurry… It is indoors 3 feet from a window with water every other day. Any suggestions??

What are the watering instructions? That sounds like a lot of watering – most of my plants I water 1x/week. OTOH, I’ve never dabbled in olive-tree-growing, so what do I know?

I’m living in MA, and my girlfriend was having trouble with it dropping leaves in her office.

She did some research, and found that it needs to have CHANGING temperatures- it can’t be in a steadily 60-75 degree environment.

She has it out on the porch for now (Spring in new england seems to be perfect for it) but hasn’t figured out a solution for the summer and winter yet.

Hope that helps some!