Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree

All remaining orders shipped today and you can expect delivery early next week.

Thank you! Can’t wait!

Just wanted to report that the tree arrived safely and was even flowering when it got here! Thanks again for taking care with the sending and packaging.

HELP!! Tree was doing great and now is dropping all of its leaves in a hurry… It is indoors 3 feet from a window with water every other day. Any suggestions??

What are the watering instructions? That sounds like a lot of watering – most of my plants I water 1x/week. OTOH, I’ve never dabbled in olive-tree-growing, so what do I know?

I’m living in MA, and my girlfriend was having trouble with it dropping leaves in her office.

She did some research, and found that it needs to have CHANGING temperatures- it can’t be in a steadily 60-75 degree environment.

She has it out on the porch for now (Spring in new england seems to be perfect for it) but hasn’t figured out a solution for the summer and winter yet.

Hope that helps some!