Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree

Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree
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PRODUCT: 1 Bonsai-Tuscan Miniature Olive Tree

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Will this actually bear fruit, or is it merely decorative?!

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How easy are these to kill? I’m pretty bad at taking care of plants.

These will produce Arbequina olives, which are mainly grown for their high oil concentration. A tasty, tasty oil, too.


Sorry, I have a very green thumb. I am seeing the doctor later today.

I took a look at the previous offer and found nothing heartening… The vendor never stopped by, and there were precious few positive comments after the fact.

I’d like to keep this on my desk at work, but I’d rather not waste the $35 if it’s going to be DOA.

I bought 2 last time… 1 is thriving, 1 died shortly after I received it. Had the exact same experience with the bonsai grape vines.

Yes, it does bear fruit!

These are also super easy to kill. I’m still buying one for the wife. Might even go toward lifting that WIWBM!

Did you try / were you able to get a refund for the dead one?

After reading the comments from past wootings, I’m hesitant. My office window gets plenty of sun, but not sure how it would do indoors (climate control, relatively dry air, etc).


Can we get some more previous purchaser feedback?

My mom got one years ago and is thriving…and she kills plants easily.

I’ve managed to kill the hardiest plants, flowers, bonsai and even shrubbery. No way will I push my luck with this.

OMG, I want your cooler. Beautiful.

So do you attribute the fact that your mother is thriving to her purchase of this plant?

I know that olives are reputed for their health-giving properties, but it sounds like your mother is seeing some really direct benefits!

this is a funny woot, in my opinion…

I think he meant to say that purchasing this plant enhanced her plant-killing abilities.

I don’t know anything about these plants, but I’ve read that they must experience winter to bear fruit. It should grow in your office, but won’t have fruit. In theory.