Bonsenkitchen Portable Touch Induction Cooktop

Bonsenkitchen Portable Touch Induction Cooktop

I have copper pans that are induction compatible. Last I heard there’s induction adapters you can place on top allowing you to use any pan you want

I bought on a while ago & only found one cast iron pot that worked despite the fact that all my cookware met the requirements to work with this item. Contacted customer service and they said I couldn’t return it but they would send me a replacement to see if it worked. After many months and at least 1/2 a dozen follow ups to the customer service, I usually get a response but it’s always lip service or saying that a manager will be following up with me and never does. I wouldn’t waste my time on buying this item.

i bought this a few months ago and returned it. here’s the issue I had that I couldn’t overcome…

I had compatible cookware. you would expect that if you set the temp to say 300 degrees that it will warm up to that temp, and being induction it would do it quickly. but what actually ahppened, is that it heats up to 900 degrees within seconds (slight exaggeration maybe) and then comes back down and then levels out at 300 degrees. the problem is that it torches whatever you had in the pan. so no cold starts. but i also intended to use it for a moka pot that was designed for induction, and that was a disaster, it completely blows out the water in that initial overheating cycle.

I picked up one of these recently (maybe the last time they were available here) with middling expectations, and I’ve been really surprised and impressed with how well it works. I don’t own any ferrous cookware yet, so I also bought an adapter plate (basically a copper-cored stainless steel disk with a handle) and despite the obvious reduced performance from using an adapter, the combination is still faster to heat up my aluminum pans than my electric glass-top stove. The whole thing is a bit lighter and more compact than I was expecting.

It occasionally comes up that I want to cook something and my girlfriend is using the stove for something else. I don’t have to wait – I just turn this thing on and have a no-compromise alternative.

The insert/adapters are very inefficient. If your pans are "compatible,"that generally means they already have a steel layer built-in. You could check with the maker to confirm this.

Get a Lodge (USA) fry pan to really enjoy the cooker.

If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pans they’ll work on induction systems.

So how is the temperature set? It says there’s 9 power levels but it also says it has a temperature range, are you just setting it to a power level or can you set the temperature by degrees?

They have this updated one on Amazon for about $10 more than this with free returns

I looked at the manual. You can choose between power level or temperature:

Yep. I bought a Nuwave PIC Flex like 5 years ago. Still works great. It has 6 temperature levels and 3 levels of watts for times when you want to cook while camping.

it’s the same one, same item model number CT8802.

Got mine a couple days ago. Works well, no complaints and yes its a CT8802.


Bonus points for finding it, thank you. A shame that it won’t work for what I was wanting, needed to be able to set a temperature within ±15 degrees

YAY! I got BONUS points!!

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