Bonus Derby: Bags, Bags, Bags

!!! I love these side things-

Check out Derby 107 and Derby 215 for examples of past shipping bag contests.

YESSSSSS, I can finally submit the design from last year that I finished 5 minutes too late to submit for that bag derby! Wooooo!

Neat. Maybe I can make something up.

Travis - Should the submissions be sent using the original bag template file (file format and size) as is?

The PSD template link for the bag doesn’t download… the others will, but I’m a PSD girl. Is it me?

I downloaded it fine. :frowning: GL

Hey, anyone know if an ARROW counts as text? Like, meaning, the symbol that points in a direction…

Will there be/is there a link for the non-Facebook people to at least look?

The shirt.woot facebook page is a public page, so everyone will be able to see it, but just like they did the IRL Derby, you can only vote for your favorites if you have a facebook account.

When will this launch?

The bags are already up on Facebook!

But my entry is missing! Is anyone else entry missing or did I somehow just get really unlucky for the second bag contest in a row?

EDIT: Okay it looks like it’s just an error for some reason it didn’t get posted. They’ll add it soon, Thanks Tgentry!