Bonus Holiday Card Derby

I’m puzzled as for the continuation of voting on FB despite community concerns about unfair advantages …

If the goal is to expand activity there, I’m not so sure this is a good approach, still.

I’m curious to know if Woot’s typical derby ban on including religious elements will apply to this derby, given the religious nature of Christmas and other seasonal holidays.

Yeah, I personally dislike the facebook version of this, but I am excited about making some cards!


Are there any colour restrictions?

I emailed @tgentry. He’ll either post or let me know and I’ll update you. :slight_smile:

No limitations, we’re going to be printing as greeting cards only which opens up the color possibilities.

It’s possible if we really like the design we could contract as a tee in which BG colors might be more of an issue, but for now I’d just focus on designing for the cards.

I would like JadenKale to submit her trinity knot/holly/thorns for a card. I would buy about a million and use them every year for the rest of my life.

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but I’ve always wanted to use that design as Christmas cards.

I’ll see what I can do about that. :slight_smile:

I think On the Thirteenth Day tee that Ochopika picked went up at a bad time. People aren’t thinking about Christmas stuff just yet. I mean hell, halloween isn’t even here!

I’ve never done a card image before. Can someone tell me if they have to be color separated and half-toned just like the shirts?

I doubt it, sooz. It’ll probably just be printed digitally to card stock.

Sooz, if the design is good enough, they may go ahead and turn it into a t-shirt, as TGentry stated. That means they’d require it to be half-toned and color separated.

His post:

Should all of them be focused on Christmas? :slight_smile:

I submitted to the Greeting Card Derby via email last night but it not up on facebook… did it not go through? It had a pigeon.

me too… I sent three designs and none of them have been posted :(:frowning: I spent many hours on them!

Hmm so it isn’t just me…

There were a lot of us that kinda got FUBAR’D on the whole thing this time. I sent in four. Not one made it.

Do the same rules apply to the card derby? It blatantly using photos or clipart ok?