Did it scare you?

Oh no! My recurring Mario nightmares are back!

Wow the voting was super close in this derby, there was only about 4 votes between first and second! I’m expecting high numbers on your sales because this is a great shirt idea and everyone loves glow in the dark.

Woohoo! Just bought my first glow in the dark shirt!

Such a cute and shy little fella.


Oh man. I want this shirt too!
But my wallet is feeling pretty thin right now :confused:

Ooh! Can someone please make me one of the shirts that turns to glowing “I don’t have a butt”? Because, seriously, it goes from thighs to back - back there!

Go Rad! Simple perfect idea.


Thanks to this shirt, I just made an awesome connection between two of my favorite things. Mario and Doctor Who.

Seriously makes me wonder if Moffatt played this game.

That was the greatest story ever told.

Maybe you should quit this shirt thing… I mean, it’s a solid design and all. But- that story…

:wink: Grats man.

I don’t even wear tshirts anymore, but I need this.

My 1st glow in the dark shirt order. Any special care instructions?

I normally just turn mine inside out before washing and tumble dry on low…I also turn my weeping angel one inside out when storing, I don’t trust it.


First day sales: 939

I hope this is brought back. I missed buying it :frowning: